Advance Adobe illustrator

Introduction to Advance Adobe Illustrator.

Duration: 2 Months

Rs: 16,000/-

Course outline of Advance Adobe Illustrator in Lahore

  • Typography
  • Color Theory
  • Text Effect 
  • Advertisement
  • Logo creation
  • Working with style 
  • Perspective
  • Page layout for a newspaper
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social media & marketing 
  • How to create a portfolio
  • Designing your website
  • How to look for work
  • Graphic Designer
  • Freelancer Graphic Designer
  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Product design 
  • Create advertisements
  • Create GIF Animation 
  • Letterheads Design
  • Creating art-board 
  • Pen Tool
  • Facebook Ads
  • Advertising Product design
  • Product packaging
  • Alignment and snap guides 
  • Adding a background image
  • Using the Color panel
  • Understanding the design tools
  • Cutting and joining paths
  • Working with Live Paint
  • character styles
  • Text in a shape
  • Working with layers
  • Applying color, editing color & editing strokes
  • Drawing with the pencil tool
  • Creating a new document & Drawing a shape
    • Rounding the corners of a shape
    • Drawing with the pencil tool
    • Creating shapes using the Shape Builder tool
    & creating a blend
    • Drawing with the Shaper tool
    • Sampling formatting with the Eyedropper tool
    • Using Image Trace
    • Creating and editing gradients
    • Working with type
    • Aligning artwork
    • Working with brushes & Working with symbols
    • Creating a clipping mask & Working with effects
    • Introducing Adobe Illustrator
    • Starting Illustrator and opening a file
    • Exploring the workspace
    • Getting to know the Tools panel
    • Working with the Control panel
    • Working with panels & Working with panel groups
    • Resetting and saving your workspace
    • Using panel menus
    • Using view commands & Using the Zoom tool
    • Using the Artboards panel
    • Arranging multiple documents
    • Finding resources for using Illustrator
  • Getting started & Selecting objects
    • Using the Selection tool
  • Creating and editing rectangles
    • Rounding corners & Creating a rounded rectangle
    • Creating and editing an ellipse
    • Creating and editing a circle & a polygon
    • Changing stroke width and alignment
    • Drawing lines & creating a star
    • Working with the Shaper tool
    • Drawing shapes
    • Editing shapes with the Shaper tool
    • Editing content drawn inside & using Image Trace
  • Getting started & Editing paths and shapes
    • cutting with the Scissors tool
    • Joining paths
    • Cutting with the Knife tool & using the Eraser tool
    • Combining shapes
  • Getting Started & Working with artboards

     • Adding artboards to the document
     • Editing artboards
     • Creating a PDF

  • adding type to a poster.
    Getting started & Adding type to the poster
    • Adding text at a point & Adding area type
    • Working with Auto Sizing
    • Importing a plain-text file
  • Getting started & Working with brushes

    • Using Calligraphic brushes
    • Applying a Calligraphic brush to artwork

  • Applying an existing Art brush

     • Creating an Art using a raster image
     • Editing an Art brush
     • Using Bristle brushes
     • Changing Bristle brush options
     • Working with the Blob Brush tool
     • Drawing with the Blob Brush tool
     • Merging paths with the Blob Brush tool
     • Editing with the Eraser tool

Course Description of adobe illustrator.

Burraq IT Solutions will give you training in how to use the most latest trend in the world of the color of vector graphic application like a professional. Our course content, techniques, example, exercises, and practical work that we selected and refined to offer the most enjoyable way to advance Adobe Illustrator. BITS offers physical classes of Adobe Illustrator course in Lahore and online adobe illustrator training course in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and all other big cities of Pakistan.
people with a little experience of illustrator and existing Illustrator users, who are willing to enhance their skills to advance and professional level can join this course of illustrator designing so that you may be able to feel confident when you start your career as a master of adobe illustrator. You can also step in Product Designers, Fashion Designer, Logo Designer and in the industry of colors.

Advance Adobe Illustrator
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