Advance Photoshop Training course

Introduction to Advance Photoshop Training in Lahore

Duration: 2 Months

Rs: 16,000/-

Course Outline Of Advance Photoshop Training

  • Blinding moods
  • Balance 
  • Gold Rectangle
  • Advance tools in advance Photoshop 
  • Designing Business Cards 
  • Typography
  • Colour Theory
  • Shape Tools
  • Graphic Designer
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Using the Colour panel
  • Using the Eraser tool
  • Editing existing paths
  • Adding and removing points
  • Cutting and joining paths
  • Working with Live Paint
  • Change background
  • Business card design
  • Understand all editing tools
  • Picture editing
  • Picture background remove
  • Hue saturation
  • Black & white
  • Mix colour
  • Brush tool
  • Mix brush tool
  • Stop healing tool
  • Poster design
  • Chang background
  • Manipulate picture
  • Banner
  • Voucher
  • Billboard
  • Standee Design
  • Menu design
  • Picture effect
  • Eraser tool
  • Background eraser tool
  • Picture effect
  • Filter
  • Overlay
  • Soft light
  • High light
  • Blinding
  • Darken colour
  • Screen colour
  • Layers panel
  • Layers hide
  • Layer copy
  • Layer duplicate
  • Delete layers
  • New layer
  • New artboard
  • Colour adjustment
  • Text tool
  • Text effect
  • Text create in a picture
  • Text on path
  • Pen tool
  • Pen tool selection
  • Add anchor point
  • Delete anchor point
  • Rectangle section
  • Round rectangle section
  • Hand too
  • Zoom tool
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Picture size change
  • Resize picture
  • Crop tool
  • Magic wand tool
  • Quick selection tool
  • Select background
  • Understand all editing tools
  • Album design
  • Farm design

Course Description of advanced Photoshop training in Lahore

This advance Photoshop course is for all those who want to learn about the world of colours from basic to advance level so that they can work faster, and according to the latest tools and techniques of Photoshop. In this course of adobe Photoshop course in Lahore, we will tell you how to handle a blurry image Burraq IT Solutions will teach you to master and advance your level of skills, adjusting and enhancing colours. You will get hands-on training on how to remove all unwanted images from your focus image without distorting and reshaping the real image.
You will use Photoshop to learn how you can select your favourite font style and which form of style will be more suitable and adjustable in your image. You will be a master artist while you will learn how to easily update multiple sized images and social media banners.
You will learn how to edit different photos in Photoshop creating parallel videos plus the ‘living pictures great for social media. The participants will finish this course of advanced Photoshop training with all tools, techniques and shortcuts in Photoshop.

Advance Photoshop
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