Advertising: all you need to know about LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin has undoubtedly become the undisputed leader of professional social networks. With more than 500 million subscribers today and nearly 4 million LinkedIn business accounts, this giant has quickly become a media in its own right. The platform then allows professionals and individuals to come into contact in the form of connection with personal knowledge but also with other profiles that you may not know but who work in the same sector as you, for example.
Among the most frequently published content on this network, there are many job offers, news about a company and its sector of activity or even advice and other tutorials, for example.

LinkedIn Ads: What is it?

With a view to diversifying its field of action, LinkedIn has launched, like Facebook and Instagram, a paid advertising platform called LinkedIn Ads. This is an advertising platform that allows you to create your own ads and manage them according to your budget, goals and needs. The interface is available from the Campaign Manager tab and helps you boost your company’s branding.

why we use LinkedIn Ads?

Nowadays, it is more and more difficult to develop your business in the face of ever tougher competition. Using LinkedIn Ads is very useful if you want to market your business nationally and internationally. It will then be important to define specific objectives that correspond to your company’s strategy. The main purpose of these advertisements is to obtain qualified leads which will then be converted into leads.

LinkedIn advertising formats.

Social networks are an integral part of our daily lives both professionally and personally. They offer more and more opportunities, especially when you adopt a defined marketing strategy. Like many other social networks, the Linkedin Ads platform offers the possibility of creating advertisements in different formats. There are then 5 main types of advertising on Linkedin:

The sponsored content:

English meaning of “sponsored content”. This type of advertisement is the most common on the network since it looks like a traditional post. It is then visible to a specific category of users (whom you will have previously targeted) according to multiple criteria and directly in their news feed. The broadcast content can then take different forms. It can also be an image, a video, a link, an informative content,… You will then be able to redirect the viewers of your advertisement to a contact form which will be very useful for you. useful for collecting qualified leads and future prospects.

The text ads or message Ads:

This format is less visible than the previous format, but it is nonetheless less effective. This advertisement is displayed in different interfaces (groups, home page or even in search results). It is represented in the form of a small image and a short text with the main objective of arousing the curiosity of Internet users. This advertising is suitable for targeted broadcasts with the aim of attracting visitors to your industry. It is then measured based on cost per click or cost per impression.

The sponsored inmail:

Sponsored inmail is the preferred type of advertising for advertisers because it has a relatively high open rate. This is the advertising format to use if you have targeted groups of internet users. This ad does not appear in the news feed of your targets but directly in their personal messaging space. In this way, you can then personalize your advertising as much as possible. Sponsored inmail is therefore widely used to deliver the right message, to the right person at the right time.

Dynamics ads:

These dynamic ads are also present in the module located on the right of Linkedin and visually resembles Text Ads with one small detail. Dynamic ads make it possible to target a specific user thanks to his profile picture and his name which appears directly on the advertisement. Among the dynamic ads, it is then possible to include advertisements that concern followers ads, job ads, content ads and finally spotlight ads intended for companies. When you want to set up this type of very complex advertising, it is best to hire a professional who can help you on this subject.

The display ads:

The last advertising format that we find on Linkedin concerns display ads. Unlike some other formats like text ads or dynamic ads, this format is larger and more visual. The display ads are located in the right column of the Linkedin news feed of Internet users. This advertising, because of its format and its position, is then very visible. It is placed only on the pages of Linkedin which concentrates a high traffic.

The importance of the presence on linkedin in the digital strategy

Linkedin has now become the leader in professional BtoB and BtoC networks. It has therefore become essential to integrate Linkedin into your digital strategy. It is a professional network diversified in its use. You can use it to communicate about your marketing actions, your activity, your recruitments, your sales, your products and services and to target companies of various sizes and in different sectors of activity. You will therefore be seen as a true expert in your field of activity. Linkedin is also a very varied social network in its use and functionality. By creating your Linkedin page, you give your business new visibility on search engines. You increase your chances of being seen and noticed by Internet users or customers beyond the social network. When a search engine query sees your name or your company name appear, LinkedIn will be one of the first results, which will attract traffic to your page.
Among the other features of Linkedin that boost your digital visibility, you can access the Slide share sharing tool. This is a professional hosting and content sharing site.

How much does it cost to advertise on linkedin?

Before embarking on the creation of your linkedin ads campaign, it is important to define beforehand what is the budget that you are going to allocate to this campaign but also what are the targets that you want to reach.
Please note, each campaign you are going to create corresponds to only one objective. As for the advertisements on Linkedin, their overall cost is not insignificant knowing that the minimum cost per click is 2 € with a minimum daily budget of 10 € per day. You must then be very vigilant not to exceed your budget. Depending on the very objective of your campaign, it is then possible to choose two billing methods: The cost per click: you will then be billed as soon as an Internet user clicks on your advertisement. Cost per thousand: This billing method takes effect as soon as your ad campaign has reached a thousand impressions. Overall, it is very difficult to quantify precisely the overall cost of Linkedin advertising. It depends on many factors such as the number of campaigns created or the duration of these.

Why get support to advertise via Linkedin Ads

When you want to set up a digital strategy and advertisements on Linkedin, it is important to be supported by a professional web agency with a team of experts specializing in digital. Our specialists are there to listen to you and understand your business needs. At Definima, our experts support you in the complementarity of your digital campaigns, your social networks and help you achieve your goals. By choosing to work with an agency, you will benefit from real expertise but also from monitoring and support in setting up and managing your social media campaigns. Our mission is to build with you and for you the best digital campaign for your business.


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