The Benefits of Advertising Services: Why You Should Use Them

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All you need to do is compose a stream of business plan advertising service – just simply adjust it to the reality of your city and adjust the corresponding numbers.

The Ping Promotion Advertising Service is created to provide professional assistance to its clients (clients) in developing, organizing, and conducting all types of promotions:

  • detailed development and creation of the proposed product or service;
  • the initial creative approach to solving the client’s advertising service tasks;
  • Design advertising service companies in the best possible way the customer’s budget.
  • Organization of press conferences, presentations and other events “Public Ryleshnz”.
  • Production of any advertising service equipment for projects:
  • the participation of highly qualified staff at each stage of the advertising service company.

The goal of the project is to provide consumers with goods and advertisers with high-quality ads. show what kind of real advertising service it should be.

A limited liability company was selected as the organizational and legal status of the advertising service. This form is easy to apply and convenient in structure. In the event of bankruptcy, as well as for the relevant agreements, each founder is responsible for the amount of its contribution. In the form of ownership, our limited liability company has a private form.

The size of the breakpoint is 4.5 services, ie it is necessary to carry out 4.5 advertising service campaigns per month, after which the company will make a profit.

The business plan of the advertising agency offered to your attention contains tables and calculations. Financial activities, Calculation of service costs, marketing promotion strategy, and staffing.

Life is a series of choices. You come across every day some situations that require you to make a specific decision. But one day you have to make the most important and difficult decision – to determine your choice in life.

Everyone remembers the Russian fairy tales and their heroes standing in front of the stone in nudity. They had to choose such a way to lose weight. For us, this situation is not suitable. You have to choose this path to say the most.

And then you start thinking about how to do it? Going to work for my uncle and all my life to sit at the desk with no real prospects, looking at the world through the computer screen, or starting your own business, which will bring joy, will give me financial freedom and independence.

It is clear that many dreams to start their own business, to achieve this level of profit when all dreams and desires can be realized without any care. Continuing the cycle of our article “business ideas for beginners”, we decided to say how to open an advertising service from scratch, or with minimal investment. Believe me, 90% of any business does not require startup money or the cost will be minimal for each of you.

So, if you are interested in this topic, if you decide to open your own advertising service agency, if you are going to do an advertising service agency business plan but do not know where to start, then we will help you.

In this article we will reveal many aspects of the advertising business, we will give tips for beginners, we will focus on those moments that can not be released from the initial stages and of your company’s work. After reading the article at the end, you will understand what an advertising service is and how to open it without serious investment.

Composing a business plan of the new advertising agency

One may have thought of advertising service as an opportunity for his own business, but I decided to give up this idea due to the high competition and saturation of the advertising service market.

But have you ever wondered why there are so many advertisements: the Internet, newspapers, television, radio, outdoor advertising service, various submissions, flyers, flyers, and business cards? As they say, if there is demand, then there will be a supply.

Surprisingly, 98% of the total business is built on purchases and sales. And for normal operation, they need advertising service, a lot of advertising service, a lot of quality advertising. And someone who will give it will always be secured.

The biggest competition in the advertising business is, probably, as well as not minus. You can always investigate the activities of competitors, understand their working methods, draw some conclusions, and consider the reaction of the market.

You can also find this niche in which no one offers its services or these services are not going to be preferred. For example, it is no longer certain for anyone that the Internet is much more effective than other types of advertising.

But many advertising service agencies ignore it or pay very little attention to it on the Internet. They focus on the “last century” – newspapers, magazines, pamphlets.

Miss the market with new offers, tell us about the benefits of online advertising, show its effectiveness, get a free post.

The main thing is to believe in yourself, and not be afraid to start a new thing. Remember that the advertising business is creative, and even a newcomer, working only a few months, but offering non-standard advertising solutions, is able to significantly push the “local bison” that uses the old ways of promoting goods and customer service.

Opening an advertising agency must decide on the main position

On the Internet, there are many articles that say how to open an advertising service and compose a good job plan. But many articles are far from the truth or were written by those who only saw the ad on TV.

“Experienced Guru” advises starting advertising businesses from Bord’s sales. Undoubtedly This type of advertising service is in high demand, especially in big cities. But this market is full of failures, especially to put Bord Borde, right.

You will encounter hundreds of difficulties, you will go through dozens of bureaucratic procedures, you do not pay a bribe, and not the fact that you get a fishing village under your advertising position. Worth it? Huge investments in this specialization, which has already been completed so much.

We need to look for such advertising methods that can pay off without huge investments.

The first thing you need to do is find out about twelve advertising service agencies in your city. Get their prices from them, refer to the presentations, analyze their field of activity.

You can even go to offices, talk to the administrator, find out and what they offer and how the advertising service budget will be distributed.

All this will give food for reflection. You can find the pros and cons, reveal in failure full niches, and find those in which you can “shoot” well.

We advise you to pay attention to online advertising, adding a special point for social networks there. Everyone understands this on social media –

This is a huge sphere for advertising, but the units know what and how to do it there. You can get a certain percentage for training the right advertising in societies or move a product or service through public and group, focusing on the target audience. It all depends on you, your knowledge, opportunities, and desires.

So, the first thing you need to do is decide on the main position, so to speak, choose your chip. Do not climb where there is a lot of competition and you need serious investment. Analyze, think about choosing the best solution.

It should also be understood that the advertising business is a comprehensive approach to every customer task.

It is impossible to limit ourselves to Internet advertising and do nothing else. You can offer complete solutions – Internet advertising, outdoor advertising, brochures, and business cards, while the emphasis is always on your main field of activity

Advertising business base – Customers.

Many newcomers who want to open an advertising service are afraid of just one thought about where and how to get customers.

Yes, the customer is your bread, your financial stability, the Caribbean break, Goa, and the delicious cocktails on the beach.

To be honest, then find that customers are not that difficult. Everyone from advertising wants one – answer. If you are honest with the customer, set up a transparent monitoring system, and give the advice to conduct regular analysis, then people will flow by the river.

So, think to yourself, what effect does beat bord bring? You may benefit from it, but how do you know? The customer scanned thousands of rubles in the ad and has no idea or an ad in a free newspaper.

  • Give the customer a clear understanding of what can control the effectiveness of advertising and if it is below a certain index, they will be able to get their money back. Mani Beck works amazingly well. But in making such a proposal, you must understand that the answer will be. You need to be confident in the power and effectiveness of your ad.
  • Show examples of job advertising, its effectiveness. Describe how much money they have invested in another client and how effective responses they have received. Your proposal should not be based on myths, possible outcomes, and possible indicators. Always leave clear numbers, reinforce them with a real promotional project.
  • Reference is another important element of your presentation. Fill in the period with the customer for which you will analyze the effectiveness of a specific advertising campaign. A person who has invested money in you and the promotion methods needs to understand what and how he moves and the results he receives. Give him some control while always leading the game

Note that these tips are not for those who want to sell air at the price of gold. Modern advertising companies need to be built on efficiency and clear indicators.

If you want to save hundreds, or even millions of rubles a month, you should not exchange for small fish, but try to see the whale in our networks. No serious company will work with you unless the result is displayed. Conversion, reply, calls, orders – this is the basis of your advertising activity.

Where can I find customers?

Remember that your feet will feed, especially in the early stages of developing an advertising agency. You need to go through hundreds of meetings, presentations, tell your company about the benefits of promoting services and products. It will not be easy, very easy.

If out of 100 presentations at least 2-3 will be successful – then this is a victory. First, you need to apply to a dozen advertising companies, and then everything will go smoothly. You will have experience, portfolio, recommendations. You will advise others, and you will know about yourself.

Everyone comes up with a creative. Let people have something new, unusual, attached. If you offer advertising on the radio or in newspapers, then to whom it is necessary?

There are dozens of other organizations that have been selling this for over a year and will probably order, have. They need to differ dramatically and offer something unusual but effective.

Expenses and revenues of the advertising agency

If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. Not everything is as it seems.

The cost depends on your initial capabilities. You can remove the beautiful downtown office, stock up on office equipment, print favorite business cards, hire professional staff, and you can’t do all that.

The result in both cases can be the same. In the advertising business, a lot depends on your creativity and presentation. You can not put a penny in the beginning at all, but then the growth will take a little longer than you imagine. If you are already making an advertising business plan and signing up for expenses, then you should consider this:

  • The office is an important element. It should not be large, but the most comfortable. It is better to remove the room and squares 15-20 but to do it right. A person who came to your office should think – there are creative and interesting people.
    Next, you need to buy computers, laptops, printers, and gear. In general, it will be a separate cost of computer technology. Without it, the modern advertising agency will not be able to function.
    We recommend that you read:
  • As we have already written, presentation is an important element. For maximum effect, you must use all the technical developments. You can buy a lot of tablets that will come from executives of the company they present. It is also not bad to have a projector to broadcast your work on a big screen. The first impression is very important and will not be very good if you spend the presentation “on the fingers” and try to explain something.
    Payment of staff. This is not the main expenditure graph. You can open an advertising service without hired employees. If all else fails, get ideas from others and get started. You can start a business with someone, find like-minded people.

If you think so, then the cost is minimal. The main is an office. They all have personal laptops and you can initially work with them. Printers and tools are not that expensive right now, and that should not be a problem.

Our advice is to analyze the experience abroad. See what ideas are being implemented in Europe and the United States, how they are doing it, and what approach they are using. Many “brand” ads come from the West. You should always be one step ahead of the competition, offering our customers new and innovative ways to increase their revenue.

Without advertising it is impossible to submit any kind of business, so many people are thinking about opening their own service. The demand for such services does not fall for a long time. The relevance of the advertising business is difficult to underestimate.

In Russia, as in any other country, many big and small entrepreneurs enjoy the services of such companies. But to have an extremely profitable company is not enough to create a company and win over the staff. It is necessary to develop, expand the range of services and offer customers real high-quality products.

The benefits include the high profitability of the company with the right organization of work. Such services are in high demand, so problems with customer search usually do not occur. Advantages also include relatively small capital investments in the beginning.

The minuses include great competition in the market. In the initial stages of work, they should work with small and medium entrepreneurs. The income may be small, but it will make it gain a good reputation and a portfolio that will give it a chance to find bigger customers.

Types of similar organisms

Before you start a company you need to decide on its form. May be:

  • a full-cycle service.
  • Studio design (specializes in the development of signs, logos, styles, etc.).
  • a narrow profile service that specializes in one of the types of advertising.
  • Production company (manufacture of business cards, banners, souvenir products, etc.).
  • (Placement of advertising on TV, radio, and other media).
  • The company providing a full range of services is easier to relax, but the discovery will take a large amount of money.

Possible range of services

Today, advertising comes in many forms, ranging from print products to banner ads on the Internet. You need to decide which services to provide, as the full range may not be available at first.


  • Accommodation Outdoor advertising, including banners, signs, and shields.
  • Production of printing products (brochures, leaflets, business cards, etc.)
  • posting information to the media.
  • conducting promotions and pr;
  • Create videos and commercials.
  • website promotion?
  • Production and distribution of souvenir products and so on.


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