Buisness Writing

Business writing is a communication channel that companies use to communicate with their internal and external audiences. Includes emails, memos, letters, reports and marketing materials. Institutes use this type of business writing to communicate the benefits of their products or services to customers. They also use it to influence customers’ purchasing decisions. It is also used to convince investors to finance a project. Business writing must be clear, persuasive, and error-free. Informative writing is about conveying facts and information to the reader.  Use simple language and short sentences. Commercial written instructions may include procedures for operating equipment, instructions for assembling products, or steps to troubleshoot software problems. Instructional business writing includes:

  • Manuals
  • Notes
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Knowledge libraries
  • Training material
  • Instructions for entry
  • Online help documentation

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Buisness Writing

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Introducing Writing

  • Creative Writing.
  • Technical Writing.

Writing Pillars

  • The Writer.
  • The Audience:
  • Expert Type.
  • Managerial Type.
  • Lay Type.
  • The communication process
  • The Media and the communication channel

Punctuation & Noise Elimination

Basic Grammatical Review 

  • The Gerund- ING’
  • Reported Speech.
  • Countable & Uncountable.
  • Active & Passive Voice.
  • Conditional If.
  • Word Classes.
  • Kinds of Adverbs.
  • Agreement between Subjects & Verbs.
  • Noun Pluralism.
  • useful Techniques Used in English Language:
  • Polite & Hidden Conditionals.
  • Adjectival –ed Forms.
  • Question Tags.
  • Proportional Comparison.
  • Correlative Pairs.

Types of Technical Writing

  • Internal Correspondences
  • Progress Reports.
  • Feasibility Reports
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Note Taking.
  • Minutes of Meetings.
  • External Correspondences
  • Business Letters.
  • Cover Letters.
  • Sale Letters.
  • Inquiry Letters.
  • Complaint Letters.
  • Emails & Netiquette
  • Technical Report.
  • Acknowledgment
  • Abstracts (Descriptive & Informative)
  • Introduction (Subject, Purpose, & scope)
  • Writing Techniques
  • Types of Graphs
  • Conclusion & recommendations
  • Resumes & CVs
  • Other Writing Considerations.

Advanced Types of Writing

  • Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Invitation for Bid (IFB)
  • RFP versus IFB
  • Terms of References (TOR)
  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Proposals
  • Executive Summary

Presentation Skills

  • Audience and their expectations
  • Controlling jargons.
  • Delivering an effective presentation
  • Team Work.

The Seven Habits

  • Author’s Resume
  • Application Letters
  • Letter of Appreciation
  • Reports
  • Research Paper
  • Presentation Slides
  • A Eulogy
  • Other Creative Writings.

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