Facebook Ads + Google Ads

Introduction to Facebook marketing course

Duration: 1 Month
Rs: 15,000/-

Course Outline of Facebook marketing course

  • Scope of Facebook Marketing
  • Creation of Facebook Ads Manager account
  • Facebook Ads
  • Types of Facebook Ads
  • Lead Generation Campaign
  • Website traffic campaign
  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Post engagement campaign
  • App install campaign
  • Bidding strategies for campaign
  • How to select a budget for our campaign
  • Costing strategies and Planning

Course Outline of google campaign manager certification

  • Introduction to Google Ads
  • Creating and Setting of Google Adwords Account
  • Types of Google Ads
  • Configuring Search Network and Display Ads
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Understanding Google Ads Extensions
  • Understanding of Ad Rotation
  • Keywords Analysis
  • Keyword Organization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Report Generation

Course Description of Facebook Ads  & Google Ads 

BITS design this course for those people who don’t have spare time on their hands and who want to get some specific training like Facebook & Google Ads. Whether you are a beginner and going to start your career at a basic level or an expert, already working in the marketing field after completing this course of google ads training & Facebook ads training, you will be ready for a successful career in Marketing. During Facebook Ads training & Google Ads training you’ll learn about the real power of marketing of Social Media Campaigns. With this Course of google ad-words training, you’ll gain a much better and latest techniques of online advertising.
Facebook ads manager course will also prove a complete plan to optimize your paid & organic ad strategy on Google that will enable you to run your campaigns all over the world to show your ads to your real targeted audience to grow your local and international business.
In this course of campaigns, you will learn how to choose your most targeted audience and how to run a campaign keeping in mind our budget and objective. You will learn how to create a Facebook page, write an introduction, design a Facebook cover, add a custom button, place a job on a Facebook page.
Google Ads is the most reliable tool to get you the most targeted audience on your website by running paid campaigns to increase your ROI. This google campaign manager certification training will significantly increase your traffic on your website. BITS google PPC course is designed for anyone who is running their own business on the internet or who is going to do a project of Gogol Ads. You will get training on how you will create an account on Google Ads-words, how you can choose your keywords for your campaign, bidding strategies, searching lowest CPC, and many more.


  • Digital Media Marketers
  • Marketing professional
  • Marketing agency owners
  • Advertising companies
  • Young entrepreneurs
  • SEO Expert
  • All those who are running their software houses.
  • Social Media Expert
  • marketing agencies
  • All those who are running their software houses.
  • Influencers, Bloggers, and You tubers
Facebook & Google Ads
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