Freelancing Training in Lahore

Introduction to freelancing Training in Lahore

Duration: 1 Month
Rs: 8,000/-

Course Outline of Freelancing Training in Pakistan

  • Prerequisite to start freelancing
  • SEO base profile creation
  • Difference between proposal and gigs
  • Getting started with the Fiver
  • The complete method of gig creation according to SEO
  • How gigs behave differently in different categories
  • understanding of buyer request
  • Importance of test
  • How to pass the test on fiver
  • Introduction to up-work
  • Make a profile on Up-work
  • How to choose the right category according to your skills and niche
  • How to complete your profile on up-work
  • How you can choose the right project according to your niche
  • Writing a successful proposal
  • Choose the best one for you
  • Payment methods
  • Guidelines for Up-work and fiver
  • Requisition & Hidden tips
  • Intro to all platforms
  • Toptal
  • DesignCrowd and many others

Course Description of online freelancing Training

As we know that Pakistan is standing at the position of 4th in the list of all countries where freelancing increasing with the passage of time. The freelancing trend is rising tremendously over the last 2 years especially in Pakistan and BITS aim`s to train our youth so that they can learn more and more easy methods of earning online money through the freelancing course. Do you know what is freelancing and how you can manage your part-time online-earning along with your job for your 2nd income? Freelancing is an idea to make money from home or without an investment online job. There are a lot of platforms that offer services freelance including Freelancing, Up-work, Guru, Fiver, and many more.

Do you already working on freelancing and did not get any job or projects on freelancing then here are definitely some mistakes in optimization your profile or gig then BITS’ course of freelancing training in Lahore is purely for you.

BITS is a leading IT Training Institute in Lahore that is teaching its students the best and easy way to earn online money. No matter if you have no experience in freelancing BITS will teach you tips and untold tricks of online earning through freelancing sites and you can become your own Boss.

What you will learn in the course of ideas to make money from home.

  1. How to get registration in top Freelancing Websites
  2. Secret Tips and Tricks of Biding
  3. How to get the first project
  4. How to grow your communication skills for freelancing
  5. How to Retain your Customers
  6. How to Get approved your profile
  7. Get a List of authentic Freelancing Platforms
  8. Up & running Profiles across all platforms
  9. How you can get your payment after completing your project
  10. How to Withdrawal money to your bank account.
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