How to set up my Google AdWords account!

Following is a previous post about Google AdWords advertising “5 Steps to Your 1st Google AdWords Campaign” and because we like the organization, in this post we will develop the ways in which we properly organize our account, from the beginning, so as not to have confusion along the way. I will start with an example of organizing a home furniture company and we will see together, step by step, the whole process.
Let’s start with the basics:
It is much easier to understand the structure of a Google AdWords account if we associate it with our site.
For information, every Google AdWords account consists of campaigns and ad groups.
Each Google AdWords account can have up to 100 campaigns, each campaign up to 2000 ad groups, each ad group up to 50 text ads, and thousands of keywords.
Adwords structure
It would be good to create your campaigns with two things in mind:

  • the object and needs of your business, and
  • what you want to achieve with your online advertising (goals).
    Each campaign you create, you must relate to one of the goals you set from the beginning (clicks, brand, sales) for your ad, while you can divide your campaigns according to the product / service categories you provide, by country, etc. .
    That is, for example, my business site provides services in the following categories: Web developenment, marketing, designing, ans all about IT These will be our Google AdWords campaigns.
    Also, for each campaign, you must select the daily budget, the geographic area in which the campaign will appear (country, city, or custom area) and finally its display network (Google search network, content network, or in both).
    Initial account structure
    To see the campaigns you create go to the “Campaigns” tab in your account. To change the settings we mentioned, go to the “Settings” tab

  • Ad Groups:
    Now that we have created our campaigns, we move on to ad groups, to achieve even greater targeting. Above we saw that our site is divided into categories, which we used for our campaigns. Now, we take the subcategories, ie specific services of IT and create our ad groups. E.g.SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web development, Graphic designing, Final account structure
    To create and view ad groups go to the “Ad Groups” tab.
    Create simple, clear, and compelling text ads that are directly related to the user search. It is good to include keywords in the text, mainly in the title and a call-to-action message, eg “Learn more”, “Enroll NOw”, “Register now” etc.
    It’s a good idea to create and experiment with ad text, creating many different ads in each ad group, as Google AdWords alone will automatically display more of the best results.
    Last, but not least… The most important part of your ad is the keywords for which you will choose to show your ads. You need to choose your keywords carefully as well as your negative keywords. E.g. for the IT Services, I want my ad to be displayed for the keyword “SEO Training in lahore” (it is keyword).
    To choose the right keywords, you need to think like a customer, get into their mind and find out which words best describe the product / service you want to advertise.
    Add to these all the possible variations, synonyms, their singular and plural, stressed or dull, but maybe misspelled words that are used a lot by users!
    For additional help, use the AdWords keyword search tool (you must log in first). Keywords will be selected at the campaign level but also separately for each Ad group.
    So for our example, some keywords for our campaign are:
    SEO Training in lahore
    Social media marketing training in lahore
    web development training in lahore
    digial media marketnig training in lahore
    graphic designing training in lahore
    However, because we have divided our furniture categories into specific ad groups, we will also introduce specific keywords in each, so that our ads appear even more targeted, to users who are looking for specific services and products.
    These are just a few examples, do not forget that you have to use all the variations of the words, since each user uses them differently.
    By this point, you will understand the structure of a Google AdWords account, and you will get a good taste of how it should be organized from the beginning! I will mention even more about the selection of keywords, the landing pages (the pages on your site where the ads will end up) and the effective advertising in future Posts.
    Still having questions about setting up a Google AdWords account? Have questions or want to know more about Google AdWords? Leave your comments below


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