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knowledge to change the world

certified courses

Learn your best IT courses in Lahore  and practice of all our certified courses like SEOSMMWeb DevelopmentDigital MarketingGraphic Designing, and so many other demanding courses.

certified Instructors

We have expert and proficient introduces of numerous IT training, courses and skills. The motive of your trainer is to provide you hands-on training with guaranteed results for everyone.

Video Tutorials

BITS is our Online Educational Platform from where you can get free life-time access to your desired courses to learn your best skills.


We provide opportunities to succeed

Burraq IT solutions an excellent IT training Institute that provides IT services in Lahore and BITS has promised to give a better future to every one of its students. We will give you your best practices and services so that you can enjoy every opportunity that will take you in the world of skills that you have dreamed for.

academic excellence

Burraq IT Solutions is a leading IT Training institute in Lahore that provides world-class IT training programs and certifications. BITS was founded in the year 2015 with the vision of delivering world-class IT training programs and certification to people across all Pakistan and assist them in making their career more fulfilling.

Online management

We will give you best online training of our specialist certificate programs that are designed to give you job-role training through proper channels like ZOOM, Skype and Team viewer. You can start your training by joining us through any of the channels provided.

Careeer paths

BITS IT services in Lahore will unlock your potential in a place of possibility and opportunity  where IT excellence goes hand in hand with the collaboration of skills, will and vision. All IT courses in Lahore are developed and delivered by certified experts of IT industry. Course outlines of all IT courses are designed to cover theoretical as well as practical aspect of the subject.

MOdern careers

With our 6 years of experience in IT, BITS founded Modern Career with the mission to empower everyone to create their best career path in IT trainings. BITS helps the Modern Career audience know their strengths, motivations and goals, have a clear picture of the skills, opportunities, and connections they’ll need to grow and reach their goals, and create an action plan to flow into their next opportunity.

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