MS Office Course

Introduction to MS Office Training Courses in Lahore

Duration: 1 Month
Rs: 8,000/-

Course Outline of MS Office Training Courses in Pakistan

A. Microsoft Word

(In this section you will learn)

  • Fonts Setting
  • Text copy, paste, cut
  • Undo, Redo
  • Alignment
  • Paragraph margin
  • Paragraph setting
  • Editing
  • How to draw and insert a table?
  • Making charts
  • How to apply a hyperlink
  • How to use Equations?
  • How to use Symbols?
  • Page settings
  • Mail Merge
  • Macros
  • File saving

B. Microsoft Excel:

(In this section you will learn)

  • Create a spreadsheet
  • Format cell, column, rows and entire worksheet
  • Using of Formulas
  • Create Tables
  • Create Charts
  • Working on Excel Templates

And much more

C. Microsoft PowerPoint:

(In this Section you will learn)

  • 1Add text, pictures, sounds, movies, and charts to your presentations
  • Slides designed by using themes, colors and effects
  • Uses of transition to make good presentation
  • Presentation view
  • Master view
  • Description of MS Office training in Lahore.

Microsoft office training courses has been designed for those people who want to know about the basics & Fundamentals of computers, Microsoft Office applications and for those who wand to know basic issues of troubleshooting. MS office training in Lahore also includes understand of emails, brief overview of Outlook and understanding of browsing the internet using Internet Explorer. Our objectives after completing Microsoft word training, you will be more familiar with the methdology & terminology surrounding computers, creating MS Office files and who you can make a perfect end eye-catching Presentation files and you will learn who you can send and receive Emails by joining our training sessions of MS office training in Lahore.
It’s a Complete job oriented professional Microsoft office training course for all, Who wants to learn Computer in a more advance and technical way.
Free Fast typing skills and much more from very basic to very advance level for all Computer Professionals and for biggners who want to start their career in MS Office.

What you will learn from Online MS Office Training in Lahore with certificate.

After completing the course of Microsoft office online courses with certificate  by BITS you  apply for jobs in offices for Data entry operator, computer operator, and office management related work in all private and government sectors. You can also start freelancing as a data entry expert or virtual assistant and can make your future in online marketing.

  • Anatomy of Computer
  • How a computer works
  • Operating System and Applications
  • File Management
  • Resource Sharing
  • Enhancement of typing Skills
  • Microsoft Office Installation
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Windows and Software Installation
  • PC troubleshooting
  • Make a Professional CV
  • Final Project
Microsoft Office
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