Search Engine Optimization Course

 A brief introduction to SEO Training Course in Lahore 

Duration: 2 Months
Rs: 16,000/-

Course Outline of best SEO Training Course

  •  Why every business needs SEO and how SEO can boost ROI
  • How SEO can benefit your business.
  • What is E-A-T in SEO
  • How search engines work.
  • White-hat vs black-hat SEO
  • Google’s most significant and latest algorithms.
  • How to rank #1 on Google
  • The 4-step SEO process
  • Keyword Research in Search Engine Optimization Course
  • What is keyword research and why is it important
  • Multiple keywords in single Page
  • Recommended keyword research tools to expand your keyword list


  • what is on-page optimization and why is it important?
  • Title tags: Best practices
  • Domain and URL: Best practices
  • Meta description: Best practices
  • Site Audit
  • What are meta tags ignore in SEO
  • What is Pogosticking vs Bounce rate
  • SEO Competitive Analysis & Research
  • Image optimization: Best practices
  • crawling & Indexing
  • Google search console
  • Redirects
  • Domain selection
  • Search’s intent
  • Query vs Keywords


  • Why use links?
  • Dofollow & NoFollow Backlinks
  • Link Building Platforms
  • Difference between link building and link earning
  • Link value in SEO
  • Link Building Steps
  • Article Submission
  • Hands-on Link Building
  • Content Writing
  • Google Analytics 
  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classified Ads

Why You Should Choose SEO Course with Certificate

In a very advanced world of technology and IT, search engine marketing has become an urgent internet marketing technique. Indeed, most new users to a site discover it by typing an inquiry on an (also called keywords) search engine. If a site is new and not ranked in different search engines, then we steadily improve the site’s rankings inorganically. Since users enter his/her queries with the intent of finding information related to his/her objective, they are in a state of mind to make a purchase of a product or service as compared to other social media platforms where users are not explicitly searching for something. So solid and very relevant training and practice are required to increase the website traffic organically and for this training Burraq IT Solutions will give you the best training.

 BITS training offers you a course that will boost up your traffic on your website organically. The purpose of this course is to create maximum sales of your product by spending minimum cost in it we will give you all training of doing so. The SEO training course is also best for capturing the new markets and market shares and if you are using this strategy, then your website will get the most targeted traffic. Our SEO Training in Lahore will cover all different strategies and techniques of search engine marketing that will be related to your objective and goals.

BITS offers Physical and Online SEO training in Lahore and all other major cities of Pakistan. When feeling that there is no organic traffic on your e-commerce site, then review your SEO techniques and strategies. Google is of the view that if you are following all Google algorithms like Google Panda, Google Penguins, Google Possum, and all other strategies of SEO then your site is sure to get traffic from Google and other Search Engines like Yahoo. One of the most effective strategies suggested by Google is to study the latest Google algorithms, analyze them keeping your site up to date according to all Google Algorithms. Avoid all Black Hate and Grey Hate SEO strategies and just follow White Hat SEO strategies and techniques.

BITS is the best IT Training institute in Lahore that has trained and most proficient instructors who are the king in their subjects. BITS aims are to make sure that every single student gets professional skills at end of the Search Engine Optimization Course. BITS is a training institute that offers all different IT courses to students who are struggling hard and are very keen to polish their skills in their field of Information Technology. In our course of SEO Training Course in Lahore in which our instructors will teach you modern and updated strategies to our all students.

Our teaching Methodology OF SEO Training.

Our all instructors are well aware of the latest trends and strategies of all search engines, so they will guide you perfectly about all techniques and latest updates. The best SEO strategy is to follow all ethical activities, practices, and techniques and avoid the Black Hat and Grey SEO strategies including unethical practices.
Outcomes of this course:

This SEO training Course would enable students to

•     Complete and deep overview of a website page
•     Developing a strong and long-lasting connection with your customer.
•     Make influencers and keenly observe and examine to see which content gets more sharing and more organic traffic.
•     Making the last report of your discoveries and preparation your proposals for SEO and present presentation of SEO         of your customer.
•    A complete grip on Word-press starting from Setup and Configure of WordPress.
Our well-organized training in Lahore, covering all the most demanding topics like Google Algorithm, Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Keyword Searching, Content Marketing, and much more.
BITS is also providing online SEO courses in Pakistan and covering countless subjects, including SEO essentials, SEO methodology, and all other strategies from the basic to the core level. Getting organic traffic from different search engines is the ideal dream for every consumer, and that will be only possible when you will utilizing great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. Our search engine optimization course includes every single step that will rank our website more and more which most flawless approach to expand the traffic on your site

SEO training
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