Tricks to position your website in 2022

Tricks to position your website

At the end of the year it is time to look back to reflect, but also to see the future and start working to improve strategies. That is why we bring you these (Tricks to position your website in 2022), with some of the best tricks to position your website in 2022. Read on and start putting them into practice.

Google algorithm changes


SEO tips and tricks 2022 Google Tricks to position your website makes hundreds of updates to its algorithm a year, moreover, every day they make some modifications with the goal of offering better results to search engine users. The vast majority of these are not noticeable.

There are some Tricks to position your website updates that are more notable than others. Some that confirmed by Google and others that, although they are detected by SEO experts, are never confirmed by the company. And there are even changes that are announced ahead of time for people to prepare.

what is a good average position in google search console

Google’s main goal in updating google analytics its algorithms is to offer better results to users who use the search engine.

Google Tricks to position your website does not have a single algorithm, but several that are combined with their factors to analyze the sites and organize them in the SERPs, depending on the search made by the person.

Algorithm updates in 2021

We will mention the most important Google algorithm updates so far in this 2021, those that were confirmed by the search engine or very relevant, these are:

  • Passage ranking update: in Spanish the update of fragments, which implies that Google uses artificial intelligence to start indexing not only pages, but paragraphs and sentences of those pages. This means that only parts of a page can appear in featured snippets.
  • seo tips for beginners
  • relevant primary and secondary keywords
  • Product Reviews Update: An update to reward product descriptions over spam and affiliate reviews was announced by Google, initially only affecting English sites.
  • June 2021 algorithm core update: Google announced two updates that month, June and July, both of the core.
  • Page Experience Update: After delays due to the pandemic, Google released its update where the Core Web Vitals became part of the algorithm.
  • Mobile-first indexing update: Since 2015 being mobile-friendly is a ranking factor. But in 2021 it finally became the determining factor for new and old websites.
  • MUM (Multitask Unified Model) update: involves the use of artificial intelligence to understand and generate language. Understands information in texts and images. The goal is to give simple answers or complex questions.
  • Spam Update: It was done in two parts. Google Tricks to position your website did not give many details about it, but indicated that it was part of its fight against spam.
  • Title Update: This algorithm change means that Google has a new system for selecting the titles it puts on the results page. They will be able to generate them from h1, h2, images and anchors text.

SEO Optimization Guide 2022

You already know that Google Tricks to position your website changes its algorithm quite regularly. Some updates are more important than others, so keeping up with what’s happening in the SEO world is key. For example, last year the big change was the Medical Update, while this year there is a lot of talk about the Bert Update.

Let’s find out what the SEO trends are for 2022:

Optimize for voice searches

On-page seo tips and tricks the numbers show that this format is increasingly relevant. Comscore data indicates that 50% of searches in 2020 were by voice. In addition, more and more houses have devices with assistants such as Google Home or Alexa.

While the data reviewed by Dialogtech says that:

  • Worldwide shipments by Amazon and Google of smart speakers grew nearly 200% in the third quarter of 2018.
  • Sales of these smart speakers will exceed 30 billion dollars by 2024 globally.
  • By 2022, 50% of homes are expected to have one of these devices.
  • In 2020, 30% of web browsing was without a screen. This changes how people interact with brands.
  • Voice searches are about 25 words long.
  • 51% of shoppers use voice search to research products.
  • relevant primary and secondary keywords

Taking this into account, Tricks to position your website you should know how to optimize for voice searches in 2022. The first thing you should do is try to position yourself at the top of the ranking. Because Google tends to show answers to users with content from the top 3.

You should also include questions and answers in your content. Most of the voice searches are done with questions, Google usually shows sites with those questions and their answers.

Question and answer pages or FAQs are excellent for voice searches. As this Backlinko chart demonstrates:

Another trick to position your website is that you aim to position yourself in the featured snippets. We will mention this point in detail later.

Adapt to changes in local SEO

Creating a Google My Business page is a key point today if you want to position yourself for local searches. So you can appear in searches involving phrases such as near me, address, or phone number.

But this is not the only thing, you must have a profile of quality incoming links. Look at the backlinks of your Tricks to position your website competition and try to get them for yourself. You should look for the ones that Google looks at as the authority locally.

It is also important that you do a good keyword search. That you include local and long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy.

We already mentioned how important voice searches are, but visual searches have also become relevant in recent years. For example, Google Lens already has more than a billion searches. This is an app that allows people to search for things they see with their mobile cameras.

Another option is the social network Pinterest, where 600 million visual searches are made per month.

Although this type of search is just in its beginnings, you can start aiming for positioning. People take advantage of visual searches for purchases, directions, identifying objects, translations, nutritional information, and more.

This technology is more used by millennials and generation Z.

To position yourself in visual searches you must implement SEO for images. The filename of the images must be descriptive and all images must have an ALT text with the keywords.

Your intention should also be to position yourself in Google Images. For this, they must be of quality, be optimized and comply with what we said before.

Link building is still very important and that is why we mention it in this 2022 SEO optimization guide. In short web positioning for the next year is focused on content and good inbound links.

Both points are related. Without good content, you will not get incoming links and without link building, you will not be able to reach the first page of Google.

Google still sees inbound links as recommendations from other sites to your website that your information is trustworthy.

In short, quality content is the foundation of any SEO strategy and this starts with good keyword research. If you have good content, others will share it and you will have incoming links. This is one of the ways accepted by Google to do link building, infographics and guides are a very good idea to achieve it.

It is also recommended that you improve your internal link structure, thus helping users navigate within your website.

Optimize your website for the core web vitals

Google offers different tools to review the Tricks to position your website Core Web Vitals of your websites, such as Google Search Console, Lighthouse, and Page Speed​Insights. These will give you recommendations that allow you to improve your website for these metrics that are a ranking factor.

We have known these metrics for some time, but now it is key to improve them to position yourself:

  • Eliminate interstitial ads or banners that block content.
  • Reduce loss JavaScript.
  • Tricks to position your website
  • Implement lazy loading.
  • Optimize and compress images.
  • Provides the appropriate dimension of the images.
  • Improves server response time.

SEO is becoming more technical. One of the aspects that will be key in web positioning in 2022 will be loading speed, this is also due to the Core Web Vitals.

Websites can now see a drop in ranking for not following best practices, including speed.

Take into account Google algorithm updates

Google uses learning algorithms to improve the search experience for users. This helps to avoid pages loaded with keywords, which used to rank well, but now detect them.

Google’s BERT algorithm will become more important, along with Rank Brain. The search engine relies on these to collect data Tricks to position your website on user behavior and how they ask their questions. The goal is to better analyze and understand the context of your searches.

There is not much we can do directly to counter these algorithms. What Google recommends, in general, Tricks to position your website is to write good content. Responding to the real doubts of users with good texts will be the key.

Apart from these points, there are other tricks to position your website that you should follow in 2022, such as improving domain authority, using videos, optimizing for featured snippets. As well as better understand search intent and more.

For example, for snippet updates, you could target long-tail keywords. Also offer deeper, higher quality content. As well as structuring the page with content made in a way that Google can index it better.

On the other hand, for the MUM update, you will have to optimize the alt text of the images, add geotags, among other aspects.

Improve domain authority

The domain authority, domain authority in English (DA) is a web positioning metric developed by the company Moz. The score ranges from 1 to 100, the higher you will have the more chances of positioning yourself. It depends on the links mainly.

But Tricks to position your website Google nowadays evaluates what is known as EAT, which refers to experience, authority, and trustworthiness. This concept has been part of the Google Guide for quality evaluators for years, but this year they gave it more importance. And it is expected to be key for SEO in 2022.

A site with little EAT probably won’t rank well. And in February of this year, Google confirmed that it was a ranking factor.

  • E for content creator experience.
    A by authority of the author, the content and the web.
  • T for trustworthiness, which in Spanish would be the reliability of the author, the content and the web itself.

How to adapt to this novelty from Google for 2022? The best thing is that you become an expert on the subject you write about, or that you hire one to write your blog posts.

Freelancer posts may no longer be the best option. Google wants the content to be written by experts on the subject. For example, if you have a website related to medicine, the posts should be made by medical or accredited experts.

You must have an about us page, a contact page. In the publications, the ideal would be to cite the sources, place external links, make the author clear. And also, have the privacy policy and terms of service in a visible place on your site.

Show that you are an expert in your area by getting others to quote or mention you.

Video marketing will continue to be key

Video is at its peak on the internet. According to Tricks to position your website to Cisco data, 80% of online traffic in 2021 will be audiovisual. Therefore, this type of content should be part of your digital marketing strategy in 2022.

The videos have reached the zero position of Google. You probably noticed that there are now audiovisuals in the featured snippets, it’s not just about written content anymore.

As general recommendations to create videos that can be positioned we tell you that:

  • Organize your video content into clear sections. So Google can understand it better.
  • Optimize your video for SEO. Google takes into account the title, the description and the tags to know what it is about.
  • Upload a transcript of your video. Take advantage of the subtitles that YouTube automatically provides.
  • Improve your YouTube channel. You must already know that it is the second search engine in the world. So if you want to get more traffic you should optimize your video content for this platform.

More and more YouTube videos are part of Google search results, so dedicate yourself to optimizing them.

  • Embed videos in your blog. You will lower the bounce rate and increase the time users spend on your site.

Reach Google position zero

Featured snippets or featured snippets are increasingly important in the SERPs, according to data from SEMRush they are more than 11% of search results. They get a lot of clicks, they basically steal them from those who rank first.

Featured snippets are Google’s answers to user questions, placed above the first organic result. That is why it is called position zero of Google.

By appearing in these you will get more traffic, your website will have greater credibility, you will save on PPC ads, among other advantages of featured snippets.

The first thing you should do is find keywords that you are ranking for and others that are already in the featured snippets. You have to be on the first page of results to appear in position zero.

Next, create a content block on your page specifically to target snippets. About 40-60 words that respond to a specific question or topic. They must include an h2 or h3 at the beginning.

About search intent

You can leverage search intent for SEO in 2022. Google is getting better at giving people the best results for their questions, which is why this topic is becoming more and more relevant.

The first thing is to identify the search intent of each keyword. There are informative, navigation, transactional, and commercial research. For example, if someone googles “vitamin C”, it is very likely that they want to know about it and not buy it.

By deciding the above, you should start creating content that is related to the search intent. For this you can analyze your competition, it may be that the audience prefers tutorials, list posts, or other types.

Give new life to old content taking this into account.

Optimize your website for mobile

As we mentioned before mobile optimization is already part of the algorithm for both new and old websites. Thinking about this you should:

  • Make sure your website is responsive.
  • Use lazy loading and image compression.
  • Manually test the popups and other features on your mobiles.
  • Use the Google Mobile Friendly Test tool .

In 2022 it will be very difficult to position yourself if you do not have a mobile-friendly website. Statistics from the beginning of 2021 indicate that almost 90% of internet users browse the web from their mobile devices, it is something that you should not ignore when optimizing your website.

product descriptions

The product reviews update seeks to encourage those sites with product descriptions and reviews that not only write a list of products but also provide research, analytical and original content.

Therefore, focus on creating content about your products that expresses and shows that you are an expert in them. Share unique information, beyond content provided by the manufacturer.

In the description of the products in your online store, give information about the performance of the product, compare with previous models and help consumers make a purchase decision.

Protect your website

A safe, spam-free web is becoming more important as part of this year’s Spam Update, as well as Core Web Vitals. For them you must:

  • Update your website with an SSL certificate. Remember that HTTPS is part of the Core Web Vitals, which are a ranking factor.
  • Use Google Search Console to review any security issues or manual actions that may affect your website.
  • Use the index to prevent Google from indexing untrustworthy pages, especially those with user-generated content. You can also mark those links as nofollow.

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