Video Editing Training in Lahore

Introduction to Video Editing Training in Lahore

Duration: 2 Months
Rs: 25,000/-

Course Outline of video editing training.

  • Setting up a project
  • Setting up a sequence
  • Importing Media
  • Importing assets
  • Importing images
  • Capturing the videotape
  • Organizing Media
  • The Project panel
  • Video Editing training
  • Navigating the Timeline
  • Essential editing commands
  • Clips and Marker
  • Moving clips
  • Extracting and deleting 
  • What are transitions?
  • Edit points and handles
  • Adding video transitions
  • Adding audio transition
  • Four-point editing
  • Retiming clips
  • Replacing clips and footage
  • Regular trimming
  • Adjusting the Motion effect
  • Advanced trimming
  • Regular trimming
  • Monitor panel
  • Adjusting the Motion effect
  • Using other motion-related effects
  • Import, Export & publishing
  • Editing and Mixing Audio
  • Adjusting audio volume
  • Adjusting audio gain
  • Adjusting EQ
  • Working with effects
  • Keyframing effects
  • Effects presets
  • Creating a look
  • Specials color effects
  • Creating a look
  • Stylizing text
  • Text Animation
  • Create Short Intro
  • Chracter Animation
  • Use Effect 
  • Moving Chracter
  • Clip cutting 
  • Add Clip
  • Mix Sound
  • Remove Background clip
  • Logo Animation
  • Using Editing Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Company Intro
  • Colour Balance
  • Keyframe audio
  • Split edit audio and video
  • Cartoon Animation

Video Editing Training in Lahore 

Video Editing requires when you have to make a video of your own event or a project of your client, video editing training is required when you want to edit a movie or you want to make a video and want to earn money from YouTube and video editing courses require when you want to make video campaigns of the project of your client or company. Hence with fast-growing video editing Trent in the market, you have to need to get the best video editing.

The course of video editing is designed for all those people who want to learn Video Editing training in Lahore from basic to advanced level. BITS will provide online video editing in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Gujrat, and all other cities of Pakistan. In our short course of video editing BITS will give you best training to all of out students of video editing.

Types of Videos you will be able to making after compliting this course of video editing.

  • Brand & commercials videos
  • Product Promotional Videos
  • Educational / Explainer Videos
  • Animated logos / Introduction to Logos
  • Animated Info graphics
  • 2D, 3D animated presentations
  • Videos of events & Highlights
  • Vlogs for YouTube Channel
  • Cultural Testimonials
  • Event Videos & Slide Shows
  • News Editing & Entertaining and traveler videos
  • Who Should Attend the course of video editing.
  • All fresh and professional Students of Arts, designing, editor of videos, vlogers, Journalism, Computer Science, Medical and anyone who want to start new career in video editing

Career Options in video editing training course

  • Senior Video Editor
  • Motion Graphic designer
  • YouTube Artist, Vlogger, Explainer
  • Info graphic video designer
  • Freelancer Video editor
  • Film editor
  • Editing Engineer in Cinema and Media Channels
  • Multimedia artist and animator
Video Editing training
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