Introduction to WordPress learning in Lahore

  • Intro to necessary software like Notepad++, Sublime, VScode
  • Create Development Environment


  • Page structures Using HTML
  • Page structure
  • New html5 structure Tags
  • Page creation and simplification
  • Page creation parts (Header: Nav bar, Body of the page, Footer)


  • HTML audio and Video:
  • Supported media types
  • Audio and video elements
  • Accessibility
  • Scripting Media elements

Lect 4:

  • HTML Forms, tables, List
  • Input types: Url , date/time, email, numbers, max or min,
  • Table elements: Td, Tr
  • List types:
  • Order list
  • Unordered List
  • Definition list


  • Starting with canvas
  • Starting with api
  • Lect5:
  • Intro to CSS
  • Lect7:
  • Understanding Css terminologies
  • Understanding of css3 strategies and terminologies
  • Adding rules to a style sheet
  • Work with multiple declarations


  • Working with style sheet
  • Embedding a style sheet
  • Importing an External Style Sheet
  • Importing Multiple Style Sheets
  • Linking to an External Style Sheet
  • Managing Style Sheet


  • CSS Selectors:
  • Understanding Selectors
  • ID Selectors
  • Class Selectors
  • Grouped Selectors


  • Inro to CSS3 Box model
  • Lect11:
  • Intro to JavaScript
  • Statments
  • Variables and data types
  • operators
  • conditions and loops
  • functions


  • Simple selects
  • Intro to DB
  • Dome basics
  • comments
  • white spaces and semi-colon
  • Case senstivity
  • Select all columns
  • select all rows
  • select specific column
  • sorting records
  • sorting a single and multiple columns


  • Operator symbels:
  • Equality check
  • Inquality check
  • Chek for grator or lessthen


  • Operators
  • IN operator
  • Like operator
  • NOT operator
  • AND Operator
  • OR operator


  • Union and Joins:
  • Multiple table joins
  • outer joins
  • Unions
  • Unions Rules


  • Inserting, Deleting and Updating Records:
  • Insert comand
  • Delet Comand
  • Update comand


  • Manging Data:
  • MySQL overview
  • Mysql methods and properties
  • Insert and update records
  • Prepared statments of Mysql


  • PHP basics in term Of OOP:
  • oop PHP role in www
  • PHP.ini file
  • basic syntax of php file
  • Php tags
  • php functions
  • php comments
  • 1st php practicle:
  • helloworld


  • variables
  • types of variables
  • Identifiers
  • scope of variables
  • superglobal variables
  • PHP constants


  • PHP operators
  • Dynamic page creation
  • flow control
  • IF conditions
  • If else conditions


  • LOOPS:
  • while loop
  • For Loop
  • Dowhile Loop
  • Switch statment
  • break and conitnue statment

Lect 19

  • Arry initilaizing
  • assocciative arrays

Lect 20

  • Sessions:
  • configration sessions
  • functions of sessions

Full Customization of Web Designing Training in Lahore

Some people are found in the world of the internet, who goes out for the personal experience. Everything is accessible for every person with just one click that is the major reason. You know about  wordpress developer training used to create your site or blog. WordPress controls more than 40.0% of relative and multitude sites on the internet. You visit four websites, more than one of these websites mange by WordPress that is the magic of WordPress web design course.

Advancement in Web Designing Course.

With time, WordPress advanced  its features, now elementor course covers every domain of audience, flux in the market, and attracts them the most visiting websites.WordPress is providing plugins to now WordPress training in Lahore offer buys to maximise the host cover to get your website on the top. WordPress designing is an instrument to make a blog, as opposed to more customary sites. In addition to the fact that WordPress powers a large number of business destinations and web journals, it’s additionally the most mainstream approach to make an e-commerce store also! With WordPress, you can make.

  • Web-based business stores
  • Business sites
  • Portfolios
  • Online journals
  • Resumes
  • Gatherings
  • Interpersonal organizations
  • Participation locale

Burraq IT Solutions is a best IT training Institute in Lahore that gives you a new vision into reality and promoting youth to achieve the maximum output in minimum input. Get wordpress classes and learn  how to build or design a website or blog in our WordPress online course from scratch with our demo orientation class in our WordPress tutorials. In these courses, we will teach you: how to build your WordPress theme, customization of theme and configure it for SEO, design a WordPress theme, create your eCommerce website, also many other big portals like portfolio and publish your images and posts with the open-source WordPress CMS ( content management system). You will discover how to use and customize themes, add extensive functionality through the use of important plugins, organize and manage your content. BITS course of wordpress training in Lahore fulfills your requirements you can also change the site themes and overall look. BITS Training Offer the best WordPress training in Lahore Reasons to learn WordPress
WordPress is freedom
You pay money for everything that can be used in this world but WordPress gives you all features free of cost, WordPress programming is free. WordPress allows you to download, introduce, utilize and adjust it to coordinate with your requirements. You can utilize it to make any sort of site for your business and your clients. On the other hand, WordPress programming itself is free, but you need a domain/space name and web facilitating to introduce it. You are not like to programing, so you can manage your website easily in WordPress. You can work with professional web designers in case you’re searching for a more custom and exceptional website architecture or require certain highlights to browse layouts for WordPress. This allows you to kill the time you’d spend learning web composition and may allow you to give developing different spaces of your business

wordpress training
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